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New Album – The Red Tiger Nebula

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DARA = World Rock Music

DARA Music 2014 Ogden Fall Equinox

Dara is a world rock band from Salt Lake City, Utah.

Their eclectic music is unique, passionate and carries a strong message.
Listen here: The Red Tiger Nebula!

Dara is a driving confluence of eclectic sounds that carry a message of peace and love through a distinctive style of rock. Add to this rich vocal harmonies, and you get a force that reaches beyond the music physically into the world. Dara explores the inner and outer most edges of what it is to exist in this universe.

New Album Out!

¬†Over the past few years DARA has really honed in on a sound they can really call their own. A natural evolution of Benjamin Dara’s debut album “Single Flame” the music pulls from a vast medley of influences from around the world. Dara’s new album expands upon the singer songwriter feel into a more psychedelic vision of rock and roll, while remaining true to Ben’s storytelling spirit.

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Dara works hard to share their message of peace and love. Ben’s award winning songwriting has found new dimensions to explore thanks to the sounds of his band members. Though they are still in the nest that is the studio, Dara is excited to tour once their album is released and promises big things for their fans, and the world.



“Sublime, flexible voice.”

– The Salt Lake Tribune